Snappy Tag

The one snap method to label clothes.


The Snappy Tag team recently provided excellent service. At a most distressing time, where a loved one had to suddenly move to a residential home, an on-line order followed by an email requesting an urgent delivery resulted in a Snappy Tag kit being delivered a day and a half later. Oh and the kit works brilliantly too. Well done!

S Cole

Such a fantastic product and excellent customer service. They want the customer to be 100% satisfied (rare to happen nowadays, so a breath of fresh air). Used for a whole academic year. None fell off. Ideal for non uniform days when I can just snap on in the morning. Plus they don’t leave a mark when taken off so child no 2 can use the same thing without knowing big brother had it first!

Saher Tariq

Snappy Tags are absolutely brilliant! The video said it would be simple and it was.  I managed to label all of my daughter’s school uniform in minutes.  A truly wonderful product - Snappy Tags takes the hassle and pain out of labelling.

I was so impressed when I first saw Snappy Tags that I bought them for my own mother, who is a resident in one of our Houses.  We have never had an issue with Snappy Tags falling off in the laundry and I am very happy to recommend them to families of residents in all our locations.

Robert York, CEO, Nazareth Care Charitable Trust

I recently purchased my Snappy Tags and I can happily say I’m officially converted. So easy to do it takes minutes and they last well. Haven’t had a single one fall out yet and no signs of them coming loose or anything - feeling pretty confident they will last the year through. I’ve also found it so easy that I’ve labelled everything, used them on PE kit bags and Book Bags, coats and uniform. Probably the most time effective purchase I’ve made.
I’m recommending Snappy Tags to everyone I know and getting some great compliments when I show people them.
Worth the investment!!

Rosie Reay Dixon

Brilliant service. Brilliant tags.
Just what we needed for nursing home.

Tracey Newlands

When I order and request snappy tags, the staff at say it personally respond very efficiently. Staff are very polite and courteous. The snappy tags are a value for money and arrive before the expected time which is fantastic. I recommend ordering snappy tags from Say it Personally.

Emma Barber, MHA Waterside House

Superb product and super fast delivery, cannot recommend highly enough, i even missed out my delivery address, emailed the correction and it was done,effortless ordering and a fantastic product too! give them a try you will not be disappointed.

Mike Dunn, Hull

Thank you so much.  Your team is so helpful and fast to respond and just wonderful. Thank you.


I’d highly recommend Snappy Tags - and so would my mum - mainly because she HATES sewing!

Isaac, 11 years

Ordered Snappy Tags - arrived very promptly and an absolute breeze to put on tags. My 11 year old son did all his own, couldn’t have seen him helping with the more traditional name tags !


Snappy Tag provides the easy one click label application for residents’ clothing. No sewing or ironing on labels. Snappy Tags resemble small buttons with your details etched onto them. Once applied using the unique applicator, the tag stays securely in place until removed using the integrated removal tool allowing the tag to be re-applied. Just one click does the trick!

Jill Young

Snappy Tags provide an excellent service with an excellent value for money product. The product has solved so many issues with our laundry throughout our Care Home Group. I would highly recommend them!

Dale-Jamie Matthews, St Cloud Care

Placing the order was easy and it arrived within just a few days, all packaged very well. It came with some simple instructions, which were very easy to understand and I soon had it figured out.
Application / removal -  I made a small error when tagging my first garment: I clicked the tag on back to front compared to how I intended it and the name also was upside down but I soon realised I just needed to think about which way to place the name tag into the applicator and both those issues would be gone.  In hindsight, I should have really watched the Snappy Tag video on their website rather than rush in.
The ease with which the tags are applied was quite unbelievable. No time, no effort and a very smart finish.  Literally a child could do it.  Removing the tag (as I had to do with my very first application) was just as straight-forward and the name tag was totally undamaged, ready to be re-used as intended.  It is so reassuring to know I can label any school item so quickly, without the fuss associated with iron on labels and that they will stay on the clothing and not fade.
My only small reservation, which is not a negative, more a change in habit requirement, is that normally I would have applied iron on labels at the neckline or waistline in an easily visible place for quick identification by my children. However, unless there is a label on the garment in those areas, this is not possible with snappy tags as the back would be visible on the outside of the garment. However, I have just shown my children where their new tags are now located, should they need to double check at school (e.g. after P.E. lesson).
Overall view I am totally converted and love the ease of use and quality associated with Snappy tags, not to mention the fact that they are re-usable and maintenance cost of purchasing new backs will be negligible at £3.95 for 25 backs.

Eszter P, Hull

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